RED PONY LEATHER GOODS™ is a brand of unique, handmade essentials for men and women. We are a family of artisans and we create leather bags, wallets, journals, jewelry and other accessories. We make quality pieces that are treasured, worn and purposeful. We bring the warmth and energy of handmade to our goods. Perfectly imperfect, each piece is full of character and personality. We are inspired by the beauty of the natural world, history, science, art and music. Our pieces are designed to wander with your free spirit. Every mark, scuff and bend is a part of your life. Red Pony Leather Goods is an adventure. We’d like to inspire you to come along.


We make each and every one of our pieces with loving care. We carefully select the best quality leather and materials we can find. We cut, sew, tool and dye each piece by hand. We place a high value on art and we translate that into our work. Using classic tools, materials and techniques, we bring our own style and vision to leatherwork.


The moment we saw the potential for creating purposeful, durable pieces with vibrant character, we were passionate about leather as an artistic material. So we combined our love of art, design and leather and opened Red Pony Leather Goods™. We all wear many hats in our business, but creating is our passion.